Hello world!

Well this is my first post in the blogging world.  A short introduction is in order.  My name is J.M. Schroder, wife, mother, small business owner, student and author.  Yes I keep busy.  I love my life and and I love what I have chosen to do in my life, it is not always easy doing it all, but well worth the outcome.

I am a mobile notary and the majority of the time I do work for title companies helping people understand their refinance documents.   I meet a lot of interesting people and then some not so interesting.  I started school last summer to be a court reporter,  it has proven to be one of the most challenging schooling I have undertaken to date, but it is so rewarding.

I have 3 beautiful, lovely children, they are a gift I had never expected.  Their imagination rivals my own and amazes me that a trait like that can be past down.  My husband is my savior and my rock.  He grounds me when I overwhelm myself.  I am truly blessed.



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